Intermountain K9 Academy
Intermountain K9 Academy




Board and TRAIn

The dog gets dropped off for a 2-week minimum and is worked by a Master Trainer multiple times per day. Dog learns to walk on a loose leash or heel, to climb, sit, down, and come. Includes five private lessons where you learn how to reinforce all of the new behaviors your dog has learned. Most dogs require 3 or 4 weeks.

  • $1600. for a two week stay

  • $2250 for a three week stay

  • $2800 for a four week stay


After a free evaluation for any kind of aggression or reactivity, we determine the best options for you and your dog. This is an in-kennel program, requiring a minimum of 4 weeks. We have experience with aggressive dogs, and in most cases offer training to better manage the dog to prevent aggression. Includes five private lessons.

  • free evaluation

  • $3200 for four weeks. Additional weeks for $800


Work one-on-one with a Master Trainer on heel, sit, climb, down, and come commands. Any specific problems can be addressed by giving you the tools to change unwanted behaviors.

  • free evaluation

  • $500 for 10 half-hour lessons


We can help you prepare for competitions by working on obedience, protection, and tracking for most AKC, IPO, and PSA levels. We tailor the training to suit your needs and do our best to get you and your dog ready to compete. Classes are held weekly in a group format.

  • free evaluation

  • $500 for 10 half-hour lessons


We offer a full range of protection progressions. Obedience is mandatory. As a Club training decoy, a certified PSA decoy, PSA national competitor, and experienced Police K9 decoy, we have the experience and resources to accomplish almost any protection goal. We break down complicated behaviors into manageable steps. We slowly start to put these little steps together to create the full picture.

  • $60/hour