Intermountain K9 Academy
Intermountain K9 Academy

training philosophy




We have 1.3 seconds to influence our dog’s understanding of cause and effect. Sometimes we have even less time. Having great timing is critical to clear communication with our dog.



What will make a dog work? Food, pets, a ball or toy; anything physical that they enjoy. We extinguish behaviors with correction collars that provide an uncomfortable feeling. We can also withhold rewards to create a negative, and make bad things go away to create a positive experience. We use positive and negative reinforcement and punishment, classical and operant conditioning.



We must provide a consistent set of rules for our dog. This is important to maintain to minimize conflict within your dog. The more consistent we are about creating and maintaining behaviors, the faster these behaviors become habitual.

Marker training

We use markers to bridge the gap between Timing and Motivation. Markers are a sound we make that communicates whether the dog is correct or incorrect, as well as how correct they are. Through training, our dogs can learn, understand, and use many different markers in many different situations. They are crucial for teaching advanced behaviors and are a scientifically backed approach to communicating with and motivating your dog.